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I was born in Budapest in the year 1976. I finished my high-school studies in the Dozsa Gyorgy High-School, where I graduated in the year 1995 and where I have organized my first exhibition having the main theme “Cheating during class hours”. As I was interested in photography from my high-school years, this was the time when I started to get involved more seriously in this form of art.

I am a devoted to simple, clear, yet still interesting and true contents which have self-expressive thoughts. To show these, instead of following the existing patterns, I strive for genuineness, so I risk with pleasure. These together means for me photograph; this particular image writing, the synonym of enjoyment in my vocabulary. And also diversity. After all the advertisement photography is a documentation carrying value creation. The visual preservation of various subcultures, cultural communities all mean an important slice in my twenty years of time spent so far in photo imaging. I want my photos to open such doors in present, behind which doors the past may retain: how we lived, how we felt, thought, worked. I prefer to watch our world through my camera, and I intend to show my pictures to others the way I see people, landscapes, moods. After all, I am on these pictures, too, and I would like to compress all that sensitivity for reality, visual mode, demands for quality, what I tried to learn from the greatests Hungarian photographers. Their professional and human standards are working in me every time I hold a camera in my hands. I hope all these are authenticated, when I push that tiny button with the intention to see, to see and let seem. According to Burk Uzzle, photo shooting is a love affair with life. And I am a man, who is constantly in love.