Remembrance for the Future, Admonition for the Present

In the past palm houses served for the presentation of exotic plants, today they are often the scenes where species are rescued, as on Noe’s ark. We may believe that humans, intentionally or accidentally, created a situation in which ancient plants simply do not have a place on Earth.

In case there still remained a small piece of land for them, we, humans, have provoked a climate that does not allow their existence.
We act as if we did not care about the responsibility. Instead of rescuing what still remained to rescue, we invariably keep destroying – for the sake of our existence – plants and wild species. My words do not have the power to persuade because, with the exception of some obsessed individuals, no one is thinking about the future and about those who will live in the future.
My purpose is to capture some of them in the captivity of art, this way preserving them for the future.

This is why I have made the decision to deploy my one and only weapon, photo shooting. By the help of this at least I can leave memories for my beloved ones about those plants that are kept alive by professionals in the captivity of palm houses today.
I sadly believe that the past can visually become part of the future and an indictment at the same time about what we have done to the planet Earth. I wanted to create a documentation, at first from conscious considerations, than from some kind of loving solicitude…

I consider this process as a warning about the comfort and irresponsibility levels we have reached and I believe there is only one thing to do. To preserve. To transfer locked pictures for the future.

(work in progress)



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